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Head office & distribution :
6 Rue du Temple
1260 Nyon

Good people, good friends, good inspiration:

For this collection, FOOL MOON worked with great photographers:

For this collection we travelled and enjoyed the hospitality of some great resorts

For many years we have enjoyed the trust, advice and inspiration from these great sport brands

During the creation of this collection, we were inspired by great music, among which:

During the creation of this collection, we also read great books, among which:


Many people helped in the creation of this collection and we would like to gratefully acknowledge the following for their help and support: Hans and his team in Hong Kong; Betty and her team in Beijing; Bosco, Emily and their team in Hong Kong; Mr.Wang and his team in Xiao Lan; Karen in Hong Kong; Tommy, Eddy, Cissy, Steve and all the Dajuma team in Bali; Jérôme in Barfleur & Maui; Pierre-Arnaud & Tiana in Pui O; Edward in Sha Ping; Jean-Christophe, Mathias, Marc, Roch, Serge, Tony, Franklin, Cornelius, Mr.Kaufmann in Switzerland; Natacha, Eric, Didier, Hélène, Pascale, Jean-Bernard in Mauritius; Thierry in Hyères, Momo Brubeck in Montisi and all the Hocké & Wang families in Switzerland and China.