• Ben & Ambre surfing Padang
  • Ambre pumping board in Ubud
  • Launching early morning in Padang
  • Ambre in th Rice Field over Ubud
  • Crew on the Daya going to Uluwatu
  • Ben surfing Uluwatu
  • Ambre in the line-up


Bloo Moon 10.0 | 2018

690,00 € incl. VAT

The Bloo Moon 10.0 is an all-around board. Perfect for discovering the joys of Stand-Up-Paddle, It is an accessible board for various conditions. This board will be nice on still waters such as lakes but will also be playfull in small seaside waves.The Bloo Moon 10.0 is made with our "Stringer" technology, a layer of fabrics doubled along the center by a 12 cm belt stiffening the board in its length. With its length of 305 cm, its width of 84 cm and its height of 12.5 cm the Bloo Moon 10.0 is perfect for light weight paddlers. The Pack Bloo Moon 10.0 includes includes an adjustable 3-part fiber and PVC paddle, a "2 ways" inflation pump and a 600 D nylon carrying bag with shoulder straps, belt and wheels.

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Accessories and complements

Leash Paddle Sumba

Fool Moon SUP Coiled Ankle Leash

With a super comfortable padded Neoprene cuff you will forget you are wearing it. NO LEASH DRAG - The coiling eliminates leash drag totally (so no risk of snagging submerged objects) and keeps your leash up on the back of your board and out of the water.

35,00 € incl. VAT

Life Vest Bora-Bora

Personal Floatation Device / Level 50 Buoyancy Aid / 50 N approved -according to ISO 12402-5: 2006 + A1: 2010 / Meets CE standards and pass the testing process according to PPE Directive89/686/EEC.

Our Bora-Bora vest is a floatation aid and not a lifeja

75,00 € incl. VAT