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Moon Rocket Pro | 14.0 x 26

2 375,00 € incl. VAT

The Moon Rocket Pro 12.6 and 14.0 are Race boards designed for flat water. Shaped by Jaran Rodriguez on Fuerteventura, these boards are for riders of very good level. The carbon construction gives to the Moon Rocket Pro range lightness and nervousness. Thanks to the shape of its hull, the Moon Rockets Pro are extremely fast and because of their rounded rails on a part of the board, the Moon Rockets Pro are some of the best gyber ever . The fairly squarish back rails and the V-Shape around the fin, make it possible to wedge the boards in the surfs for those who venture out to sea.

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Accessories and complements

SUP Leash | 9 ft x 8 mm

Fool Moon SUP Coiled Ankle Leash

With a super comfortable padded Neoprene cuff you will forget you are wearing it. NO LEASH DRAG - The coiling eliminates leash drag totally (so no risk of snagging submerged objects) and keeps your leash up on the back of your board and out of the water.

39,00 € incl. VAT

Paddle Dark Side Race - 2 parts

The "Dark Side Race Vario 2 parts" paddle is a high-tech paddle for experienced paddlers. Made entirely of carbon, it is extremely lightweight and thanks to its hexagonal connection, the paddle does not brimstone any gaps and remains totally rigid once mounted. The edge of the blade includes an additional carbon rei

260,00 € incl. VAT

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