X-Moon 12.0 | 2018

990,00 € incl. VAT

The X-Moon 12.0 is a Touring board. Perfect for discoveries and adventures. It is very stable with a good glide. This board will be nice on calm water such as lakes and rivers but will also be adapted to tougher conditions at sea. The X-Moon 12.0 is made with the best technology available today, the "Fusion 2 layers", two layers of heat-welded fabric, thus stiffening the board throughout its length and width. With its length of 365 cm, its width of 86.4 cm and its height of 15 cm the X-Moon 12.0 is perfect for heavy paddlers. The X-Moon 12.0 Pack includes an adjustable 3-part fiber and PVC paddle, a "2 ways" pump and a 1680 D nylon carrying bag with shoulder straps, belt and wheels.

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Accessories and complements

Leash Sumba

Fool Moon SUP Coiled Ankle Leash

With a super comfortable padded Neoprene cuff you will forget you are wearing it. NO LEASH DRAG - The coiling eliminates leash drag totally (so no risk of snagging submerged objects) and keeps your leash up on the back of your board and out of the water.

39,00 € incl. VAT
Balian 30 L
- 30%

Balian 30 L

The Balian 03 is a waterproof backpack for travel, hiking, sailing and all water activities. Thanks to its padded straps and its belt, the carry will be confortable and well balanced. With its rolling system the Balian 30 will be waterproof during a quick immersion.

89,00 € incl. VAT 62,30 € incl. VAT

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