60 days in Guadeloupe

For 4 years Fool Moon has been flying to Guadeloupe at the beginning of January to spend the winter in the warmth and to perfect the new products in development.


For those who know Guadeloupe, you know what it is and for the others, all you have to do is come and find us because Guadeloupe is definitely the French Hawaii and the watermen and waterwomen that you are can only be in paradise on this Caribbean island.

In Guadeloupe, there is not, like in Maui or Tarifa, wind 300 days a year and the waves of Bali or Oahu are better there, but on the other hand, in terms of compromise and being a waterman or a waterwoman who can express yourself in race, downwind, flat, sup surf, surf, windsurf, kite surf or wing, there is always a possibility on a play area very accessible in a very few km. With winds and waves all along the coast from St-François to St-Anne, with port spots on the same coast and starboard spots accessible in 30 minutes from the Moule side, with a magnificent flat spot in the mangroves of Le Moule and surfing world-class rights and lefts in Port Louis, Anse Bertrand and La Bouelle, not to mention the reefs that can get huge off Îlet Fajou, Guadeloupe is truly a beautiful playground.


Bea, Ramon and Baker on their way to Sumilon island.

Waves, wind, surfing, sup, wing, turquoise water, endless lagoons, magnificent sunsets and beautiful evenings to the rhythm of the Caribbean...


With Cyrille, Antonin and Mélanie, as soon as the weather charts announce a swell touching the north of the island, we like to rush to the surf spots of Port-Louis and inbetween the Port, at the very bottom, then a little higher , the wave of the Souffleur, followed by those of the Pool, the Cemetery, the Intermediate, the Right-Left, the Op Table, to finish with the tip of Antigue which only works when it is really big, we have everything we need for our happiness. Our Sushi Pop 9.0, 8.6 and 8.2 as well as our Malibu 11.4, 10.6 and 9.6 and Antonin's Monsoon 7.3 prototypes really feel "at home" on these magical spots and it's really a pride to have such a collection to play with! Long live Fool Moon and the excellent shapes of Jaran Rodriguez, our shaper from Fuerteventura.

What wonderful happiness to make the road back to St-François crossing, at dusk, the sugar cane fields, the windows wide open, remembering all the surfed waves of the afternoon...

Wing, our new passion!

When the waves drop in the north, it's time for us to retreat to our mythical spot of Le Méridiens in St-François. With a wide turquoise lagoon, we like to slalom in the middle of sailboats anchored a few meters deep then go out through the Champagne pass to go surfing the waves that break on the coral reef.

Another game is to drive up to La Brasserie du Pirate in Mervillion, then go downwind to the nautical base of St-François, or even push a bit further to St-Anne.

When we unfortunately have to leave the island to return to Europe, Cyrille, our precious team rider, stays on the island and his home spots as he has been doing for almost twenty years to continue working on our sails, the Shangrila 4.2, 5.2 and 6.6, as well as our float collection, our Nirvana 140, 120 and 100 L.

During these magnificent two months, the production and management of Fool Moon never stops. It is therefore not two months of vacation, with our feet fanned out on our deckchairs, but two months of intensive work made up of time spent on our computers updating the website, managing clients and almost daily monitoring of the production in China in the morning and afternoon, product development, images and communication in dream conditions...

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