Privacy Policy

Why collect data?
We only collect data necessary for our business activities. The processed data aims to identify our clients and obtain relevant information to provide our services. For example, payment data is processed in the context of product sales. We also process marketing and commercial data, especially for the dissemination of informative and/or promotional newsletters. The necessary data is associated with mandatory disclosure.

Who has access to this data?
We collaborate with specialized service providers in computer processing, playing a support role in the implementation and proper functioning of our computer platforms. Among these providers is Kabia EU, which designs and hosts our website, along with external collaborators with whom we have agreements, committing to respecting users' rights. Internally, data is stored on our servers with secure access limited to authorized personnel only.

Your rights
We commit to respecting all your rights in the processing of your personal data. We also serve as a point of contact for questions regarding the exercise of your rights. To do so, you can contact us via our contact email or by calling the following phone number: +41 (76) 343 85 25. You can make the following requests:

  • The right to access the personal data we have collected about you.
  • Rectification or deletion of your data.
  • Limitation of data processing.
  • Your preferences regarding the communication of your data, especially in the event of death or data erasure.