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Malibu Mood | 11.4 x 190 L

1 190,00 € incl. VAT

The MALIBU MOOD, available in 11.4, 10.6 and 9.6. For this collection, we asked our shaper Jaran Rodriguez to find his inspiration from the Californian Surf Culture and more precisely from the MALIBU long boards. We wanted Stand-up-Paddle that could ride "Mellow Waves" from 50 to 150 cm, but could also be a fine paddle board for cruising on flat water. Design wise, we took our inspiration from the "Beach Boys" and "Summer of '69" graphics, as well. We needed a look where the wood would have as much visibility as possible and we added the Fool Moon touch, with balanced and ambitious flat color combo. Following the same idea, we created an innovative deck pad fitting the aesthetics of the board design.

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Accessories and complements

SUP Leash | 9 ft x 8 mm

Fool Moon SUP Coiled Ankle Leash

With a super comfortable padded Neoprene cuff you will forget you are wearing it. NO LEASH DRAG - The coiling eliminates leash drag totally (so no risk of snagging submerged objects) and keeps your leash up on the back of your board and out of the water.

39,00 € incl. VAT

Paddle Zuma 3 parts - Orange

If you are looking for stiffness, lightness and precision our Zuma paddles combining fiberglass / bamboo and carbon are what you will need for a great paddling experience.Thanks to our hexagonal connection this 3 parts paddle will feel like a 1 part paddle.

216,00 € incl. VAT

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