Gwada 5.3 x 77 L | 2023

1 390,00 € incl. VAT

Our brand new line of GWADA wing boards are the result of our exciting wing foil development program. Designed by our in-house R&D team under the supervision of Pierre-Yves Hocké and tested by our team of testers in Guadeloupe under the supervision of Cyrille Curtit. The GWADAs are inspired by our avant-garde "Narrow Wing Shape" developed by our shaper Jaran Rodriguez and applied to all our Wing Foil boards. The "Narrow Wing Shape" allows a quick takeoff or rebound while dragging a minimum of water, it also allows tight jibes, bottom-turns and cut-backs without the risk of the back of the board catching on the water. Our in-house shaper has also integrated 2 channels along the foil inserts to allow air to rush in for a super fast take-off. In order to have optimal rigidity and lightness, we have built this range in "3K carbon + secret formula", a mixture of carbon and different composites developed thanks to our many years of experience. Our GWADA collection is available in 6 volumes: 37 L, 57 L, 77 L, 97, 107 and 117 L. The 37 L, 57 and 77 L are intended for confirmed wingers of light to medium weight. The 97 L and 107 will be perfect for intermediate or heavier wingers and finally the 117 will be perfect for a beginner or over 100kg winger. Our Gwada boards integrate 35 foot strap inserts on the front and 10 on the back allowing the finest adjustments corresponding to all sailing styles.

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