Gwada 5.3 x 77 L | 2023

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Discover the GWADA, our latest wingboard stemming from our Wing Foil development program. Designed by our R&D team led by Pierre-Yves Hocké and tested in Guadeloupe under the supervision of Cyrille Curtit, the GWADA incorporates the cutting-edge "Narrow Wing Shape" from our in-house shaper, Jaran Rodriguez, on his island of Fuerteventura.

The "Narrow Wing Shape" ensures a quick takeoff with minimal drag, allowing tight maneuvers without the risk of snagging in jibes or surfing. The 2 channels along the foil inserts facilitate an ultra-fast takeoff by collecting air beneath the board. The GWADA range is constructed with 3K carbon for optimal rigidity and strength, offering 6 volumes from 37 L to 117 L, suitable for every skill level.

The models of 37 L, 57 L, and 77 L are suitable for experienced practitioners of light to medium weight, while the 97 L and 107 L are ideal for intermediate or heavier levels. The 117 L is perfect for beginners or practitioners weighing over 100 kg. With 35 foot strap inserts at the front and 10 at the rear, our boards provide fine adjustments for all styles of navigation. Choose performance and innovation with the GWADA!

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