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Shangrila 6.2 | 2024

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Fool Moon is proud to present the new Shangrila V2, designed and tested by our R&D team led by our in-house designers, our tester Cyrille in Guadeloupe at his home spot in St-François and under the supervision of Pierre-Yves alternating between Guadeloupe, the south of France and Tarifa in Spain. The overall design of the Shangrila has a mid-high ratio. By combining this outline with the right profile, we obtained a powerful sail capable of absorbing strong and irregular winds. The profile has been particularly worked on to obtain neutral power at low speed, making it easier to start and take off, but also capable of creating huge forward pull as soon as the speed increases. This choice of design also allows for excellent heading upwind. The tension is different for every wing sizes allowing a constant transfer of power across the range. The front of the wing has been designed with significant tension allowing harmonious air movement around the profile. The rear of the wing remains under tension, but with a spring effect allowing easy pumping and comfort of use. The design of the strut has been designed for optimal stability. The elbow that we created at the rear in order to attach the flange to a large surface area of the “canopy” allows better control and better rigidity over the entire sail. The angle given to our front handle offers better cockpit ergonomics as well as excellent grip when surfing. The angle of attack of the front of the wing changes from one part of the wing to another, especially at the tips, which allows for better air flow and stability. And finally, we have arranged the different panels forming the "canopy" by thinking about the tensions and twists of the materials so that you can benefit from your sail for as long as possible. The strut as well as the front profile are in Challenge DKC160 Ripstop Dacron and the canopy in Japanese Techfiber. Our Shangrilas are delivered with semi-rigid handles offering an excellent compromise between soft and rigid, but they can easily be replaced by rigid handles as you wish. After numerous prototypes and dozens of hours on the water, we are incredibly satisfied with the result and look forward to seeing you adopt our Shangrila wing line in 3.2, 4.2, 5.2, 6.2 and 7.2

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Accessories and complements

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