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Roof Rack Pads

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Optimize your aquatic getaways with Foolmoon roof bar foams, the essential accessory for the secure transport of your surf, windsurf, and stand-up paddle equipment. Lightweight, durable, and easy to install, our innovative solution accommodates all board sizes, ensuring a secure fit for maximum protection. Foolmoon represents excellence in water sports transport, providing hassle-free journeys and unforgettable gliding moments. With our user-friendly and exceptionally durable foams, your equipment remains of the highest quality even in challenging conditions. Choose Foolmoon for an unparalleled surfing experience where safety and reliability combine for worry-free water adventures. Trust Foolmoon for seamless travels and unforgettable gliding moments, delivering excellence on every aquatic escapade.

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Accessories and complements

Roof Rack Straps

Discover our innovative transport straps designed to simplify the transportation of large-volume boards. Our wide and robust straps are specially crafted to ensure the safety of your water equipment during your journeys.

Each pair of straps comes with a

35,00 € incl. VAT

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