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Roof Rack Straps

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Discover our innovative transport straps designed to simplify the transportation of large-volume boards. Our wide and robust straps are specially crafted to ensure the safety of your water equipment during your journeys.

Each pair of straps comes with an integrated neoprene patch, ensuring optimal protection for both your vehicle's body and your gear. Easily secure your surfboard or stand-up paddleboard to your car's roof racks with our clever design.

Convenient and versatile, our straps are sold in pairs, allowing for the secure transport of two boards simultaneously. Choose peace of mind during your trips to your favorite spots.

Rest assured that our transport straps are the ideal choice for water sports enthusiasts concerned about the safety and protection of their equipment. Transport your boards with confidence using our straps, combining strength and durability. Make your water adventures safer and more enjoyable with our high-quality transport straps.

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Accessories and complements

Roof Rack Pads

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35,00 € incl. VAT

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