Utopia 6.2 x 137 L | 2023

890,00 € incl. VAT

Discover our latest inflatable wing foil board, the UTOPIA. It's the result of collaboration within our R&D team led by the renowned Pierre-Yves Hocké and tested in Guadeloupe under the expert supervision of Cyrille Curtit. Inspired by the avant-garde "Narrow Wing Shape" from our shaper, Jaran Rodriguez of Fuerteventura, this board ensures rapid takeoff, tight maneuvers, and minimizes water drag.

The "Fusion 2 Layer" construction with three carbon plates provides optimal rigidity. Available in 77 L, 97 L, 117 L, and 137 L, the UTOPIA caters to all skill levels and user weights. It comes with a manual pump, offering optimal inflation between 15 and 20 PSI. The included transport bag, equipped with wheels and straps, facilitates carrying the board, pump, disassembled foil, and wing.

Experience sensations comparable to a rigid board with our UTOPIA—an experience that is no longer a utopia. Discover the ultimate wing foil performance with our latest innovation!

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Accessories and complements

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